Aurel Porumbescu, Ph.D., achieved breakthroughs throughout his 30-year career in the management and growth of medical device companies, with emphasis on business development and high-tech: five years as Corporate VP with Invacare Corp. and 25 at Array Vision Engineering / Mangesius (Proactive Metabolics Co.). His technical career includes 15 years of advanced electro optics and nuclear spectroscopy work with Corning, Schlumberger, ITT, and Varian - developing unique materials and military and aerospace devices and systems. He authored numerous scientific and technological breakthroughs and is a specialist in Medical Device Manufacturing, He holds Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in EE/System Science from Polytechnic University of Bucharest and from Polytechnic University of New York, is a published author of scientific papers, poetry and fiction, and taught Statistics and Electrical Engineering at two U.S. Universities.

Dr. Porumbescu's track record includes three broad U.S. patents, he won funded research grants from NIH (NIDDK), DoD (BMDO), Sandia National Laboratories, and Lifescan Corp., and was invited to present his work at JDF and NASA's Technology Partnership Workshop on Non/Minimally Invasive Measurement of Biological Analytes.

Essential to our company's offerings is the theorem he proposed in his PhD thesis: "A system with feedforward loop(s) will be stable only if its structure contains elements that have dynamic characteristics that are 'close enough' to those of the feedforward loops' inputs," which is essential for this company's work. The corollary to his theorem is that in order to be stable - i.e., alive - the organism itself has evolved so that the dynamics of the inputs from the surrounding environment have become integral parts of its very structure. (The genome offers all the reference inputs necessary and proactive control is simplified because the inputs from the environment are measurable.)

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