Universal Health Applications for Proactive and Personalized Metabolic Control (A System Biology - Control System Theory Approach to IDDM, Diabetes in General, Health and Wellness)
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Effect Calculators

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The insulin effect calculator is presented here only for educational purposes. Although based on pharmaco-kinetics data provided by the insulin manufacturers, they are no more related with what will actually happen in your body than your horoscope and your date of birth.
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These calculators will help you estimate how a meal will convert into blood glucose over time. Whichever one you choose, please try to estimate the quantity in the meal selected as best as you can, paying attention to the serving size as measured or as printed on the package and by how many servings you will actually eat.
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Proactive Metabolics Technology

We Offer a Technology-Based Cure for What Ails Diabetes Management

• Based on the scientific solutions that we have created, we offer diabetics the opportunity to eliminate the daily guesswork:

     • Wondering about what to eat, or how much insulin to give and when to give it, are all taken care of by our companyís technology

• A paradigm shift in disease management:

     • Moving the industry away from a test-fix-test approach and towards a real time control achieved through the company's proactive, feed-forward approach to disease management.

• We replace Calories-In-Calories-Out metabolic control with Optimized Real Time Available Glucose control.

Find more in-depth information here.

Not All Calories Are Equal

Technology Validation

Phase I clinical tests (human subjects) done in 1995-1996 at Duke University's Clinical Research Center;
Clinical data proves that our solution is the only one capable of proactive control of blood glucose levels in Type I diabetes.
Further clinical proof: The US Nutrisystem company is successfully using foods with low glycemic index to manage obesity and type 2 diabetes for thousands of patients.
Additional clinical data is needed - replicating the Duke protocol at other clinics and/or obtaining user feedback.
Platform technology: can form the basis for hundreds of additional solutions and patents. Three issued U.S. Patents.

About Us / Investors

      History: Array Vision Engineering (AVE) was incorporated by Dr. Porumbescu in 1990 in order to buy ITT's Tube & Sensor Labs in Ft. Wayne, Indiana: the intent was to use those facilities to develop wedge-and-strip position-sensitive photo-detectors, however, ITT backed out, and AVE developed an electro-optical joystick for power wheelchairs instead. When the founder's son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1992, he shifted focus to improving blood glucose control but was unable to go beyond the proof of concept phase because of health issues of his own Ė after recovering, the company name was changed to Mangesius (AKA Proactive Metabolics) and its activity was limited to selling legacy diabetes management software. Proactive Metabolics Co.'s initial market offerings allow the use of systems biology tools for the proactive management of the effects of food, medication, physical activity, and stress on the blood glucose concentration - an important issue in weight management, and the diabetic patient's most important concern.

     Now retired from teaching, the founder is intensely interested to bring his patented blood glucose control technology to the world, and we believe that ours is the only system capable of generating individual-specific contemporaneous predictions and thus help patients mitigate the health risks associated with improper blood glucose levels. We won funded research grants from NIH (NIDDK), DoD (BMDO), Sandia, and Lifescan Corp., and we sponsored research projects at Duke University, University of Florida, Bucharest Polytechnic Institute and Sandia National Laboratories.

     In a nutshell, our mission is to use the Proactive Metabolics' mathematical modeling methods as the platform for real time metabolic control, which combines biomarker sensors, ubiquitous WiFi, and personal, walking around user experience into offerings via the Internet of Things and the mobile Health cloud. (This work is not limited to blood glucose dynamics.)


Abstract of the talk/presentation at the JDF/NASA Non/Minimally Invasive Measurement of Biological Analytes Technology Workshop (April 8-9, 1998 - Washington D.C.)
Integrated Optoelectronic Sensor Suitable for Multivariate Analysis of Complex Spectra
Aureliu M. Porumbescu
Array Vision Engineering Co.

Interactive Personalized Metabolic Management

A food database accounting not for the one dimensional, simplistic caloric or carbohydrate values of food, but also for the other two key factors: the individual and the time.


Expert software for prescribing the insulin regimen in diabetes. The TAG_Angel Software uses the duality between input dynamics and the structure of the user's metabolic system to predict how food or activity will affect blood glucose (and insulin, weight gain/loss, or energy) over time.

This section is not finished yet.

Other Technologies

The Greg's Active Knee Brace

Knee Brace to Prevent Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury

An Active Knee Brace deploys two small airbags above and below the knee to prevent ACL injury when performing certain high risk activities.

See the video above to understand how it works.

Management Team

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Aurel Porumbescu, Ph.D. C.E.O.

Aurel Porumbescu, Ph.D., achieved breakthroughs throughout his 30-year career in the management and growth of medical device companies, with emphasis on business development and high-tech: five years as Corporate VP with Invacare Corp. and 25 at Array Vision Engineering / Mangesius (Proactive Metabolics Co.). His technical career includes 15 years of advanced electro optics and nuclear spectroscopy work with Corning, Schlumberger, ITT, and Varian - developing unique materials and military and aerospace devices and systems. He authored numerous scientific and technological breakthroughs and is a specialist in Medical Device Manufacturing, He holds Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in EE/System Science from Polytechnic University of Bucharest and from Polytechnic University of New York, is a published author of scientific papers, poetry and fiction, and taught Statistics and Electrical Engineering at two U.S. Universities.
Dr. Porumbescu's track record includes three broad U.S. patents,
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Andrew J. Porumbescu President

Andrew currently runs all the company's operations, including Finances, Sales and Marketing, and HR. He is Dr. Porumbescu's youngest son and was the motivating force behind the company's focus on diabetes and hormone-controlled processes since 1992, when he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. As the original customer, he provides guidance in terms of product design, product positioning and software architecture. He also participates in business development proposals and coordinates all business intelligence activities. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Florida International University.


Interested in an exciting career with Mangesius? We are currently seeking professionals and interns to fill various roles. Software: mobile apps, including scientific software like MatLab, Wolfram Programming Cloud, Mathematica, etc. Hardware: including WiFi and biomarker sesors. If our work excites you and you see how your talents and background could contribute, please send your resume or CV to info@mangesius.com.


We are located in Florida, U.S.A., very close to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.
Here's our address and contact information:

Magesius' Proactive Metabolics



Postal address
     4350 Hillcrest Dr Hollywood, Florida 33021

Electronic mail
     General Information: info@mangesius.com




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